Happiness is here.

Happiness is just there. You just didn’t realise it.

행복은 멀리 있는 게 아닌 탓에 행복을 멀리서만 찾으려 하는 사람에겐 절대 보이지 않습니다.
그러나 그 행복을 발견했을 때의 기쁨이란 이루 말할 수 없습니다.

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I am gonna crazy about manual lens-Nikon 105mm f2.5. on Flickr.

Put Olympus E-PL2 with Nikkor 105mm f2.5 ais (manual focus lens) on the furniture and run to the sofa. And twelve seconds later, I’ve got this photo.

Focus is slightly off and aperture and shutter speed also quite low for taking photo in indoor. But surprisingly photo wasn’t bad.

Technical note: I was so busy trying 105mm f2.5 lens so I don’t remember the aperture number. It’s indoor so probably set to 2.5, I think.

Rearrange the Colour Levels and then resized it with GIMP.

If you’d like to see the original photos, you can see from https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152227124955750&set=t.527330749&type=1&theater

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untitled on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

at 영금정, 속초, Younggeumjeong, Sokcho, Gangwondo

"The Walking Dead" The Grove (2014) 

The grove-The walking dead http://imdb.to/1gdccI6 One of user review title says right “Speechless.” If you see and understand whole season, this is one of most important episode of the show.

If situation was changed, whether you like it or not you have to change it yourself to survive. That’s how Charles Darwin’s ‘evolution fact’ come into play.

Why I put it here, if you ask me. Because if you understand situation better, you can do things well. It means you will be happy because you did it well.

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